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February 8, 2006

“Kommersant-Dengi”, a business weekly, ranked Metropol Asset Management first among the best income-producing mutual funds

January 31, 2006, “Kommersant-Dengi” ranked “Metropol Zolotoe Runo”, an open-end stock fund, first among the best income-producing mutual funds. Within three months, the fund’s NAV added another 41.02%. Over the same period, the NAV of “Metropol Afina”, an open-end hybrid fund, has increased by 38.11%, which advanced the fund to the fourth position in the ranking.

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METROPOL Asset Management has established three Open-end mutual funds, each designed to meet individual strategy, return and risk objectives.

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Most efficient strategy for investing in mutual funds relies on additional money deposits to the funds. This strategy is likely to be most attractive as it helps iron out the fluctuations typical of the corporate stock market.

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