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October 29, 2008

RIA Novosti hosts a conference “Metropol Asset Management New Strategy of Development”

Head of METROPOL Group of Companies and General Director of Metropol Asset Management Mr. Mikhail Slipenchuk, Managing Director of Metropol Asset Management Mr. Anatoliy Rabinovich and IFC METROPOL Deputy General Director, PR & Corporate Relations, Mr Mikhail Borzin took part in the press conference “METROPOL Asset Management New Strategy of Development” hosted by RIA Novosti.

The participants told about the changes in the Metropol AM management and explained the new strategy of development in the financial crisis environment.

Mikhail Slipenchuk gave a detailed analysis of the situation in the Russian and international financial markets. He pointed out that the equity market fall down had affected “METROPOL” less than other market participants. “Already a few years ago we realized that the stock market cannot grow long-term and thus changed our strategy and differentiated our activities. We were not investing our own assets in equities,” – he said.

Besides the investment banking business METROPOL Group is active in real estate direct investments, polymetal mining, tourism, said M. Slipenchuk. “The equity market fall down has hardly affected METROPOL Group. At present most of our assets are in real estate. The only thing that worries us is the financial market liquidity,” – he concluded.

A. Rabinovich informed that between 7 and 28 October the mutual investment funds of METROPOL Asset Management have shown better results than the market structure itself. “We have two major funds: “Metropol Zolotoye Runo” Stock Fund and “Metropol Afina” Hybrid Fund. According to the latest information the “Metropol Afina” fund is 9.8 per cent above the market structure, and “Metropol Zolotoye Runo” – 5.45”. Besides “Metropol Afina” is 9 per cent above the RTS index, and “Metropol Zolotoye Runo” – 15 per cent.”

The results improvement is based on the new investment strategy, said Rabinovich. “We have restructured the portfolios quitting less liquid stocks, and second and third tier bonds, and have invested in blue chips,” – he explained.

The participants were presented a new strategy of METROPOL AM development:

active networking with the state corporations as well as managing their assets;
new approach to the cooperation between Metropol Asset Management and non-government pension funds;
increase of the non-government pension funds under management;
further development of cooperation with Japanese partners, and entering other foreign markets;
participation in the working out of the federal state program of the mutual investment market in Russia in accordance with the approved by the Russian government “Concept of the Long-Term Socio-Economic Development of Russia till 2020”.

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