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December 16, 2008

New Stage in Metropol Asset Management and Japanese Investors Relations

The relations between Metropol Asset Management and major Japanese institutional investors are improving on a higher level. During his visit to Japan on 24-28 November Anatoliy Rabinovich, Metropol Asset Management MD, had meetings and discussions with the management of the leading brokerages and management companies that manage hundreds of million dollars from private and institutional investors (incl. Japanese pension funds). The visit was devoted to the new strategy of METROPOL AM development which was worked out after the changes in the company management.
During the visit Anatoliy Rabinovich met with the management of SBI Holdings, Nomura Asset Management, Nikko Citigroup, Nikko Asset Management, Capital Partners, SMBC Daiwa Securities, Daiwa Asset Management, etc as well as with the management of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
During the meeting with the existing client of METROPOL AM (manages two close-end funds), United World Group, the further joint activities and projects, including opening and further management of open-end funds, were discussed.
According to the Japanese side, the lack of information on the Russian financial market with its frequent regulatory changes and the lack of a straightforward strategy of the Russian government in this sphere are real obstacles for attracting Japanese investments into Russia. On behalf of METROPOL AM Anatoliy Rabinovich confirmed the ability to regularly provide up-to-date information on the socio-economic situation in Russia and analytical research to the leading partners in Japan. The details of this project will be further discussed.
Capital Partners Securities Co., Ltd Chairman and COB Mr. Toyoharu Tsutsui suggested to organize together with METROPOL Group of companies a forum for Russian and Japanese investors. The first part of the forum is planned to take place in March-April 2009 in Tokyo, the second part will take place in autumn 2009 in Moscow.
The Japanese companies expressed the lack of an agreement between Russian and Japanese financial markets regulators (similar to the agreements between the Russian Securities Market Federal Service and their counterparties in the USA and the UK) which is an obstacle for the interaction between the financial companies of the two countries. It is necessary to work on making such an agreement in the year 2009.
At the meeting with the Tokyo Stock Exchange Group Mr. Rabinovich on behalf of METROPOL Group confirmed the intention to organize the interaction between the Russian companies interested in placing their equities on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Japanese companies interested in investments in Russia via MICEX.

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